Ahad Merchant

Thank you teachers
The job of a teacher is not easy
Being a mentor for a group of children is not easy Taking out extra time from their personal life to help students is not easy To travel from a long distance to teach is not easy To complete the portion on time is not easy To handle so much pressure is not easy Our teachers are now in such a situation where they have to sit at home stuck to their computers teaching To keep a smile on their face even after all the work and pressure is not easy.
We learn to read and write and get a chance to be in the literate category only because of you
You are the disciplined heroes of the education system I still miss the fixed dialogue & quote; ‘why didn’t you do your homework, i am sure you did not forget to eat’.

Aisha Tharadra

When I joined Nalanda I was very underconfident. The teachers in my previous school made me feel like I was useless and stupid. It was a little difficult to adjust in the beginning for about a month but soon the teachers, staff and students made me feel very comfortable. In no time I started scoring the highest in my class and got 80% in my first year in Nalanda and that was a huge achievement because all I got were marks underlined in red in my previous school.
I also received the most versatile student award and life after that just had an upward graph. After I passed out of Nalanda in the 10th grade everyone was so glad to see the change in me. Nalanda taught us academically and also how to deal with the real world and that is what is helping me even today. Now I’m a fashion designer who deals in exports, I have my own fashion label and I’m so proud of what I’ve become. Lot’s of love to all the staff and students. Reach for the stars and one day they’ll reach for you!

Rahil Mehta

My name is Rahil Mehta and I joined Nalanda in the year 2013-14. I was a professional tennis player and I joined Nalanda so that I could devote more time for the sport. I was not a very talkative and confident person when it came to dealing with situations in school. After joining Nalanda, my life changed completely. The faculty was so friendly and cooperative that it allowed me to make mistakes and learn. I started gaining confidence after some time and I was now talking all the time. I was able to balance my studies and sports. Nalanda opened up new opportunities for me as well in sports and leadership positions. We participated in a District tournament, went for inter school competitions and also I went on to become the sports captain for the next year. All this would not have been possible without our lovely principal Aarti Ma'am. She always made me understand when I did something wrong and always supported me for the decisions I took. Today I have completed my Bachelors in Business Administration from India's number 1 college and currently have my own startup and also the president of a rotaract club.What I am and where I stand today is because of Nalanda and I can never thank all my faculty and principal enough to help me get where I am today.

Kashyap Laliwala

Nalanda is a school which has given me another chance to live my life and has been a life changing situation for me.. This school has made me succeed in various fields and the teachers are playing a very important role in my life.. This school has taught me how to live a life like a free bird and how to face the difficulties of my life..
Aarti ma'am has played a very important role in my life and she has shaped us to be a perfect human being.
Vishal sir who made our drawings improve.
Hanif sir who made us improve in our fitness and sports..
A very big thank you to all the teachers of the school for molding us to the best person we could ever be and always supporting us and believing in us for what we were..
When there were people where we have felt demotivated, here the school has motivated us and gave us a new life.
Proud and very happy to be a NALANDA student.. and got to learn under one of the best teachers..
A very big thank you to the school..
Even these many words cannot describe my respect and love towards the school and teachers..

Muskan Bohra (Batch – 2015-16)

Nalanda foundation, what can I say about this school which has empowered me with confidence to exhale out my abilities and make my presence worth it.
I have learnt about acknowledging talent and academic's purpose in the outer world. It all has its own place, only academics don't work and nor does talent, we need a balance of both which the school has taught us. It has also taught us to change our disability into ability to improve for good. Nalanda has given me a new life with great bunch of friends whom I'll cherish all my life.
It has taught me the actual meaning of learning disability which is actually a different ability a child persists and comes out with excellence in life. Nalanda has accepted us the way we are and made us do the same with dignity, Given back a chance I hope I shall serve some purpose to this school in the coming years...
Thank you.

Khushi Khatri(Batch – 2014-15)

Nalanda Foundation is not just a school, but for me it is home. I had teachers who became my friends, my friends who became my family. Nalanda Foundation has changed my life.
So, my journey of Nalanda began when I was 15 years old. In my previous school I had problems to understand a question because in my exams they always twisted the questions, I some how used to manage. Later, I always used to visit my counsellor as I failed in my exams & she asked me to take a dyslexia examination, I happily went & then in my results i was examined that I’m a dyslexic. My counsellor suggested me to go to The Nalanda Foundation, I always thank her in my mind to bring me to such a wonderful school. I don’t have words to describe Nalanda. It has taught me how to be a better person, be confident & be strong. We were always considered as family that’s what I really love.
I would just say I would do anything & every thing for this school. The Nalanda Foundation has my heart.
I passed out from Nalanda in the year 2015 & today I’ve graduated in Bachelors I’d Mass Media specialised in Advertisement, interning & a director of Digital Communication at Rotaract Club of Malabar Hill.

Hamza Rajgara(Batch – 2014-15)

“He’s just wasting his time, make him study.
”After a hell of a journey of ups and downs YOU are reading of a journey today. My journey, which started at me being diagnosed as a DISLEXIC.
Now, my firm: junkistaan has a piece of my heart attached to it. Today, being able to run my own business that requires special skills has become my forte.
junkistaan in simple words and mango language is a direct upliftment of your home decor, office, terrace, balcony garden and interiors. We work with recycled GI Pipes that can give your interiors a trendy and asthetic look.
Also, now my parents tell them:
“We are glad he wasted his time.”

Tanushree Gulati (Batch – 2013-14)

I feel really proud to be a student of Nalanda foundation cause it's given us a lot and if we didn't make a decision to be there then we wouldn't have been where we are today.

Rhea Ginwala (Batch – 2012-13)

Nalanda has given me the confidence to face the world & believe in myself. I am truly blessed to have such understanding teachers who guided me through my journey.

Dwiti Patel (Batch – 2013-14)
Nalanda Foundation has proved to be a pillar in shaping my career. The last 2 years of my schooling was completed from this school. Hadn't it been for my principal Respected Mrs.Aarti Gandhi, my teachers, my parents and my home tutor I wouldn't have been able to top the school with 91.20%. I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that I was the highest scorer in English with 97 marks all over Maharashtra. There are no words to express what I felt. Its been a great year for me and nothing beats the feeling when your parents tell you “You have done us proud Dwiti”

Sahil Hathiramani (Batch – 2009-10)
Hey guys
This is Sahil Hathiramani aluminus from the school. So when I finished my 10 standard in the year 2010 I was lost as I didn’t know which college would take me with just 55% but with gods grace and Sindhi quota I got into KC college. When I joined the college I was quite a scared kid as coming from a school which had only 10-15 people in a class coming into that big bad world with around 150-300 people in a class. For the first few days I didn’t know anyone in my class but then I joined The Rotaract club of KC College which gave me not just friends but a family. I enjoyed my college days because of Rotaract and even after I graduated by doing my TYBA in sociology from KC college I said I want to continue with the Rotaract Movment and now I am currently in the Rotaract Club Of Mumbai Downtown and even to elevate myself I even joined the Rotary Club Of Mumbai Downtown Sealand and I am even working in my own clothing shop at colaba so these things just keep me occupied and all thanks to Nalanda Institute for the Fine young man it has made me.
Thanking you
Rtr Rtn Aluminus Sahil Hathiraman

Ayesha Tharadra (Batch -2010-11)

Nalanda has taught me how to live ! It has made me more confident and after I joined Nalanda I was very happy because other schools made me feel low and different where as the teachers at Nalanda helped me to grow with the flow!

Aaditya Bhatt (Batch 2009-10)

My experience at Nalanda was truly out of this world. At school I learnt a lot of things. It is one institution where people get to find out their true talent and do things which make them stand at equal competition with the others. I have really good and sweet memories with the staff and all the students. It will always be loved by all of us.

Zafar Khan (Batch 2009-10)

"Nalanda Foundation is best school I have been to. The school has boosted my confidence level. The teachers were very helpful. Its due to the grooming in Nalanda that I have become independent and I am able to study in a boarding school. My best wishes to my very own NALANDA"

Anup Taparia
Father of Mridu Taparia (Batch 2008-09)

I would like to acknowledge The Nalanda Foundation for giving my daughter, Mridu Taparia Batch 2008-2009, a very powerful and useful schooling curriculum. Previously she was very shy,timid and introvert girl. The teaching method of your institute gave enough strength, self confidence and dash of Personality such that she scored first class in Final exams. I am sincerely grateful to the institute.

Mousina Tharadra (Batch 2010-11)

The best time of my life was spent in Nalanda ..... It taught me the difference between right and wrong! It taught me how to live beyond bookish knowledge! I will respect Nalanda all my life.

Taseem Tinwala's Mother

The school has groomed my daughter, made her more responsible, boosted her self-esteem & confidence.