NLFP at a Glance

NLFP educates students with Learning Difficulties and Attention Deficit Disorders by providing an encouraging and supportive environment that accepts the individual, values learning diversity and provides academic, personal and social growth.

NLFP is a coeducational institute since 1998 from 6th grade to 10th grade that prepares students to appear for their board exams to join mainstream colleges.


To be an umbrella structure for schools, an education and training division, a research and education program, an advocacy centre and to expand program throughout India.


- Learning can best occur in an environment that is emotionally and physically safe
- Teachers are facilitators and guides for students in the learning process
- Parent support and encouragement in this process is imperative for student success
- A learning environment based on mutual trust, respect, and personal integrity is desirable


To ensure that every child with Learning Difficulties has access to education in an appropriate environment and to integrate him/her into mainstream society.

  Message from
the head of NLFP  

Since June 2011 I have had the privilege and pleasure of helping to lead NLFP and has been a rewarding experience! I was fortunate of being in charge to build upon the solid
foundation put in place by my predecessors. NLFP has its unique approach and innovative teaching practices thus making it the standard by which similar institutions are measured.

The greatness of any institution is measured by the success of its alumni. Students of NLFP join a broad range of competitive colleges and have entered the world with confidence and emerged as successful young adults.

- Aarti Gandhi




The Nalanda Foundation Chapter- Educational Facilitation Program started with two students in 1998 and has supported over 1000 Students to date. The Program enables students who are unable to cope with conventional teaching methodologies in schools, to continue with their studies and ultimately return to mainstream education.

17 batches have successfully cleared the Board Examination of NIOS and are currently studying in leading colleges in Mumbai and overseas. The 18th NIOS batch, will appear for NIOS board examination in April’19.

The 8th batch of 36 students will appear for SSC board examinations with provisions for LD students, in March '19.

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