Education Curriculum


Nalanda is only one of its kind that offers SSC Board (VI-X std) NIOS Board is also another option(IX- X std).

In Std. VIII, students make a choice whether they want to continue with SSC or shift to NIOS. In-house personal counselling helps in guiding the students and parents.

After passing the secondary exams (Std. X), students join mainstream colleges in various streams.

Tailor designed curriculum along with Remediation for Std. VI-VIII. We make the extra effort to understand the child’s need and incorporate that into the curriculum as best as we can.

Subjects VI—VIII (SSC)



History & Civics, Geography

Information Technology



Drawing & Painting

Physical Education (Graded)

Subjects IX—X (SSC)






Decorative Pieces and Utilisation of Waste Material*

Physiology, Health & Hygiene/Home Science


Science & Technology (I & II)

Drawing & Painting



Social Science (History/Political Science and Geography)

VII Math+ Milk and Milk Products** (for students with dyscalculia only)


Mathematics (I & II) - Algebra & Geometry

Graded Subjects IX—X (SSC)

Book Binding **

Physical Education (PE)

Defence Studies

Information Communication Technology

(ICT) (Only for Std IX)

Self-Development and Art Appreciation

SSC Concessions

  • Provision of a writer for all subjects
  • 20mins additional time per hour for each subject/ Writer
  • Condonation of Spelling Errors

*French is not taught in NLFP. Students prepare for the subject on their own.

**Not offered in Std IX.

Students study regular subjects till LD Certificate is obtained.

IX—X (NIOS) Choose any 3 out of 5

English (compulsory)



Bakery and Confectionery (Vocational Subject)

Data entry operations (compulsory)

Business Studies

Home Science

NIOS Concessions

  • Registration is valid for 5 years
  • Additional time of 1 hour
  • Provision of a Writer/ Reader
  • Can do staggered NIOS (appear for 2 or 3 subjects twice a year i.e. in April and October)

NIOS, SSC board concessions may change as per respective board rules.

For students who have obtained an LD Certificate from authorized centers (KEM, SION or NAIR hospital) concessions will be available as per the SSC & NIOS norms.
Students are expected to maintain at least 75% attendance.
Students appearing for Std. X board exams should be 14 years old on or before the registration date of NIOS & SSC board, (for SSC as on 31st July).