outreach programme


CMCA (Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness) -

With a view to conserving the environment the students of NLFP made a visit to a vegetable market at Dock Yard on 1st Feb ‘18. The students met various shop keepers and vendors and gifted them cloth bags to encourage the use of eco-friendly materials. They also interviewed people in the market to spread the awareness of being responsible citizens. The students of std VIII spread the message of being “Guardians to the environment”. It was a meaningful day for the children, they felt that they had done their bit to save mother earth.

A field trip was organised for std VIII to Traffic Park on 21st Mar ‘18. The students were oriented by officer Mahadik, officer Lahare and Officer Yeshwant Rathod. They were introduced to Mandatory, Cautionary and Informative Road Signs. The students understood about road safety for citizens and vehicles, no honking zones, areas that were prohibited etc. How to avoid accidents and noise pollution. The statistics of fatal road accidents was revealed to the students. With the help of examples and a walking tour of the park they realised the importance of being alert and responsible citizens.

Ashadaan- as a part of student’s Social Science Project, they visited a shelter home for orphans and senior citizens, ‘Ashadaan’. Students and staff of NLFP donated clothes and food as well.

Festival Celebration- At NLFP all festivals are celebrated, students are explained the values and beliefs for them as well.

Recently celebrated was the Holi & Navroz festival on 28th Feb ‘18. Students made a presentation on the rituals, practises and symbolism of both the festivals. Followed by a dance performance & explanation of story “Holika Dahan”.

Gudi Padwa and Easter were celebrated on 23rd Mar ‘18 with a great deal of fervour. The teachers had prepared presentations on both the festivals highlighting the values the two festivals demonstrate. The presentation on Easter traced the life of Jesus Christ from his birth until his crucifixion, the values for which he gave up his life and the relevance of these values in the present strife-torn world. An actual Gudi was raised and the symbolism of each item comprising the gudi was emphasized.

  • CMCA- visit to traffic park
  • Festival celebration
  • CMCA- Say no to plastic bags
  • Festival celebration- Navroz
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Makar Sankranti
  • Diwali
  • Beach Cleanup
  • Ashadaan
  • Fire Station Visit
  • Heritage Visit