outreach programme


CMCA (Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness) -

Students prepared eco-friendly Ganesha idols.
Students of std VII attended CMCA event ‘Inspiration’ on 5th Aug ‘17.
Beach clean-up was organised for students of std VIII on 1st Sept ’17.

Students of std VIII visited the Mint on 23rd November 2017. At the Mint it was an enriching experience to see the process of coins being made. The denominations were Re 1, 2, 5 and 10. The students got the opportunity to see the sheets of metal being cut, printed on both sides and prepared to be sent to the Reserve Bank of India. The process was completely mechanised. The students were amazed at the accuracy and precision of the people who operated the machines. The students had a memorable day and saw the journey of coins.

Ashadaan- as a part of student’s Social Science Project, they visited a shelter home for orphans and senior citizens, ‘Ashadaan’. Students and staff of NLFP donated clothes and food as well.

Festival Celebration- At NLFP all festivals are celebrated, students are explained the values and beliefs for them as well. Recently celebrated was the Diwali festival.

Students had drawing and Rangoli making competitions on 11th Oct ’17. Winners were rewarded with gifts.

Christmas celebration was held on 22nd Dec ’17. Importance, values of Christmas was explained to students

  • CMCA Mint Visit
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Makar Sankranti
  • Diwali
  • Festival Celebration
  • Beach Cleanup
  • Ashadaan
  • Fire Station Visit
  • Heritage Visit