outreach programme


CMCA (Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness) -

Inspiration event is held at the beginning of every academic year- a collaboration of all schools. The event was held at Birla Matushri Auditorium on 4th Aug ‘18.

Ashadaan- as a part of student’s Social Science Project, they visited a shelter home for orphans and senior citizens, ‘Ashadaan’. Students and staff of NLFP donated clothes and food as well.

Festival Celebration- At NLFP all festivals are celebrated, students are explained the values and beliefs for them as well.

Recently celebrated was Christmas festival on 21st Dec ‘18. Teachers explained the rituals, practises and symbolism of the festival, secret santa, games were also organised and cupcakes were given to students on their way home.

  • Christmas Celebration
  • Ashadaan
  • Festival celebration
  • CMCA- Inspiration
  • Festival celebration
  • Makar Sankranti
  • Diwali
  • Beach Cleanup
  • Fire Station Visit
  • Heritage Visit