Support Program



NLFP emphasizes on remediation programs for students, along with curriculum. Remediation begins with an Educational Assessment that gives us an idea of the current level of functioning ‘of the child, with respect to basic skills i.e. reading, spelling, comprehension and writing.

According to a child’s current area and level of difficulty, lessons are prepared in such a way that the child is able to relate to the concept and subsequently learning becomes fun & effective. Students have Hindi, English and Math remediation by teachers.

Other tools used by teachers are Life skills and Brain gym sessions for students. This helps them to be focused in their work and less distracted.

FIE- Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment program is aimed at improving the cognitive abilities (analytical perception, logical thinking, comprehension), visual skills and the performance in daily life.

Sonday System- Learning to Read.


Structure of Intellect (SOI)

Structure of Intellect (SOI) is a system of assessments and training materials that develop intellectual abilities. It equips students with the necessary intellectual skills to learn subject matter, do analytical thinking, become more creative, and learning how to learn.

NLFP uses multi-sensory techniques to teach students. K-Yan- Visual and audio display of the content taught in class for better understanding. Projections-Teachers prepare videos, PPTs. for students.

Speech & Drama

In order to improve student’s performing art skills ‘speech and drama professionals train students to build confidence, have good command over their speech and try to overcome stage fear.



  • Talk on welfare of stray dogs was given by Dharmita Mandrekar on 11th Feb ’19.
  • Fire drill workshop was conducted by Mr. Gurmeet of Origin Services on 22nd Feb ‘19 for all students and staff members. He very well explained how fire start and spread, at home and in school. Students were shown how a fire extinguisher is to be used, understand the indicators given, from where and how to exit in case of fire. How to settle down fire in different ways (safe and unsafe methods), mock drill was also done for the same.
  • The Sexuality Education sessions were conducted for all students on 27th Feb ‘19, by Dr. Armaan Pandey (for boys) and Dr. Neha Shah (for girls), both consulting psychiatrists.



To ensure all our students are healthy or if they need any medical help we conduct the following Health Check-ups for all students.

  • Pediatric Health Check Up
  • Eye Screening
  • Dental Screening
  • Audiology Screening
  • Nutrition Talks for Parents & Students


Aptitude testing and career talk is conducted for students of std X to help them make informed decision about their future.



Individual and group counselling for students and parents.