Trips & Events

Yoga Day

On occasion of International Yoga Day, webinar on "Yoga for Immunity and Respiratory Health" was conducted by Mr. Jiger Mehta of Isha Foundation for students and teachers of NLFP on 21st June' 21.


Nutrition Talk

Workshop on "Aahaar Kranti" was organized by GIST Forum for Std IX and Std X on 29th June '21, to spread awareness and to help students understand the importance of good balanced nutrition.


Parents’ Orientation and Investiture Ceremony

Parents’ orientation and Investiture Ceremony for academic year 2021-22 was held on 2nd July '21. The student Council was selected by the Director, Ms Aarti Gandhi & all the staff members of NLFP based on the following criteria namely, academics, behaviour and performance in online class.

The meeting started with an introduction by the student council Head, Ms Arva Vahanvaty. Announcement and declaration of the student council members was done by the Director, Ms Aarti Gandhi followed by the taking oath ceremony.

Following students were selected from each house-

EQUUS (Red)- Heer Shah - Captain; Nayasha Mehta - Vice Captain
PUMAS (Green)- Sadaf Tharadhra - Captain; Chavi Jain - Vice Captain
DOLPHINS (Blue)- Haley Mehta - Captain; Chitra Khanapurkar - Vice Captain
EAGLES (Yellow)- Kaavya Jain - Captain; Minoy Shah - Vice Captain
The students pledged to uphold and follow the rules and regulations set by NLFP and promised to adhere to the values of honesty, perseverance, team work and service before self.

Above all, they pledged to strive in the spirit of excellence in academics, sports and co-curricular activities, so that they may keep the school flag flying high always.


English Elocution

Inter-house English Elocution was held on 23rd July '21.


Teacher’s Day

NLFP celebrated Teacher's Day virtually on 3rd September '21. The students organised an exciting entertainment program for their beloved teachers. Variety of dances were performed by the students, followed by games like Simon says, guess the picture of Bollywood personalities, guess the song, coin on the biscuit, etc. The teachers enjoyed playing these brain teasing and entertaining games completely.

A PowerPoint presentation, paying tributes to all the teachers at NLFP was also prepared by the students. The highlight of the event was Students and teachers playing antakshari of Bollywood songs.

Director, Ms Aarti Gandhi thanked all the students and parents on behalf of team Nalanda for organising such an exciting Teacher's Day celebrations.


Hindi Elocution

Hindi Diwas was celebrated at NLFP by organising an online Hindi Elocution Competition on 14th September '21.
A short Hindi skit ‘Bachon Ki Adalat’ was performed by the Juniors with a very subtle message of giving up bad habits.
Teachers also took this opportunity to showcase their writing skills by penning down a few poems and reciting them - Krishna ki Shikayat, Pehlwaan Ki Shaadi, etc. and entertained students as well as the teachers.


In-house Ace Chef

In-house Ace Chef competition (online) was held on 24th September '21. This unique cooking competition was an opportunity where the students showcased their culinary skills working individually at their homes. The zest and enthusiasm shown by the students was unbelievable. They displayed remarkable skills in innovating the recipes, sourcing the ingredients and presenting the final dishes.

Ex-teachers and Parents of Ex-students of NLFP were invited to judge the competition online. Participants, in both the Junior and the Senior category, made salads, sandwiches, starters and desserts.

Winners in the Junior category were: 1st position- Canapes by Mohammed Sakarwala, 2nd position- Rose Sandesh by Arnav Mehta, 3rd position- Veggi Pizza by Ali Bagasrawala and Consolation prize- Pasta Salad by Neil Shah.

Winners of the Senior category were: 1st position- Bell Pepper Bowl by Chitra Khanapurkar, 2nd position- Palak Corn Sandwich by Minoy Shah, 3rd position- Puri Chatpata by Kavya Jain and Consolation prize- Veg Paneer Ring by Ishieka Dedhia. The winners were awarded with certificates.


Immunity Talk

On occasion of International Yoga Day, webinar on "Yoga for Immunity and Respiratory Health" was conducted by Mr. Jiger Mehta of Isha Foundation for students and teachers of NLFP on 21st June' 21.

In the last one and a half years, we have learnt the importance of physical, mental and social health more than ever before. Dr Nidhi emphasized on how personal hygiene, domestic hygiene and food hygiene, exercise, regular sleep and relaxation affect an individual’s health. Also keeping away from bad habits like smoking, alcohol and drugs are very important for physical, mental and social health.

Dr Nidhi Gandhi also explained how community health can be attained by preventing diseases and promoting health of a population through the organized efforts of society, public and private organizations, communities and individuals. Thus improving the health of the entire population and focusing on preventing diseases rather than their treatment.

The highlight of the whole presentation was the importance of immunization and how it can be acquired through vaccination. The talk ended with an interactive session between Dr Nidhi, students and teachers. Concerns about immunization of students and children against Covid-19 were raised. The doctor patiently replied to all the questions asked and promised that she will be back to conduct similar sessions in the future with the students of NLFP.


Diwali Celebration

NLFP celebrated Diwali by organising an online Lantern making competition for the juniors and a Toran making competition for the seniors on 29th October '21.

The participating students participated with great zest and showcased their artistic skills and talent. It was very delightful to watch students make the same article but with materials and styles and giving entirely varied end products. One of our senior students took to stitching a toran which was a pleasant twist. Everyone applauded his efforts.

Videos were played endorsing the science, logic, togetherness of families and friends, the food the attire and the different reasons why Diwali- the festival of lights is an Indian festival. It showed how the festival of lights is celebrated under various names all over the world.

Also the videos explained how Diwali is celebrated in different parts of India under different name and reasons-In North India it is celebrated by lighting lamps and distributing sweets and fireworks in the evening; in Himachal Pradesh it is celebrated as Boodhi Diwali for one whole month after the rest of the country celebrates; In the western and southern parts of India it is known as Naraka Chaturhi and it is associated with Lord Krishna-celebrated early in the morning also known as Deepavali in South of India. In places like Bihar, Bengal and Assam it is celebrated as Kali Pooja at midnight. So many stories and so many myths… but they finally depict victory of truth and goodness over evil.

The programme ended with the announcement of results of the competition and greetings for the festive season.

Winners in the junior category were: 1st position-Mohammed Sakarwala, 2nd position- Arnav Mehta and Faizan Khan, 3rd position- Mahi Bindra and Aarav Ahuja.
Winners in the senior category were: 1st position-Kaavya Jain, 2nd position- Surya Sadasivam and Joshwan Pagdiwala, 3rd position- Kausar Dehgamwala.


Children’s Day

NLFP celebrated Children's Day on 15th November '21. There was so much excitement and joy, for the simple reason that it happened to be the first working day after the pandemic and the lock down. The physical presence of students and teachers with all the necessary precautions and norms was overwhelming.

India celebrates Children's Day or Bal Divas every year on 14th November, on the occasion of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's birth anniversary. Keeping up with the tradition, NLFP organised a celebration which started with a warm welcome to the students. Chacha Nehru's ideals and his vision for a new India were explained to the students Vaishnavi teacher who was dressed as Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Fun games and an interactive session were also organised by the teachers.

NLFP follows a Behaviour Modification System (BMS), under which students are awarded points for their good behavior. Awards for the BMS points were presented by the Director, Ms. Aarti Gandhi.

Winners in the senior category were- 1st prize- Mohammed Sakarwala, 2nd prize- Ali Bagasrawala and 3rd prize- Faizan Khan.
Winners in the junior category were- 1st prize- Zahra Sayed, 2nd prize- Musbah Latif and 3rd prize- Mahi Bindra.


Sports Day

NLFP reopened in mid-November after a gap of nearly a year and a half and its first major event “Sports Day”, was conducted on 17th December '21 on Sassoon Ground. Pre-sports were conducted on three days from 22nd Nov., to 24th November '21.

The Sports Day began with the Investiture ceremony wherein the council members were administered the oath by Ms Arva Vahanvaty in the presence of Ms Aarti Gandhi, Director, NLFP, with a promise that they would carry out their duties with integrity, faith and excellence. Every year, this event takes place at the beginning of the academic year. Minoy Shah, the Sports Head from Eagles House, took the Sports Day Oath along with the students of NLFP.

Team events like cricket, football, tug-of-war, throwball and individual events like kick the ball, throw the ball, back to school, lemon and spoon, duck walk, book balancing were conducted during pre-sports. Individual events like 100m run, 200m run, 4x100m relay for juniors and seniors, and the staff race were some of the events conducted on sports day. This year, however, parents’ race and ex-students' race were not held due to statutory restrictions related to the pandemic.

The Prize Distribution ceremony was presided over by the Headmistress of E.E.E. Sassoon School, Ms Swati Basare. It began with a march past by the four houses of NLFP led by Minoy Shah, the Sports Head. Ms Basare took the Guard of Honour. The air on Sassoon ground was electrified by the sound of the thudding feet of students as they marched to the call given by Mr Hanif Mansuri, the PT teacher of NLFP and the drum beats. The Eagles House won the shield for Best March-past.

As the certificates and medals were awarded by the Chief Guest, the students waited with bated breath for the announcement of the Championship Trophies. Mahi Bindra won the Championship Trophy for Best Girl Sportsman (Junior) and Musbah Latif, Championship Trophy for Best Boy Sportsman (Junior). Both, the Championship Trophy for Seniors and Sports Boy of the Year was won by Minoy Shah. The Championship Trophy for Seniors and Sports girl of the Year were won by Nayasha Mehta. After pre-sports, among the four houses, Dolphins, Pumas, Equus and Eagles, Pumas were leading on the basis of house points. Pumas succeeded in maintaining the lead on Sports day and won the trophy of the Best House of NLFP.

The students participated in each of the events with great enthusiasm and one could feel the happiness, joy and free-spirit in the air on Sassoon ground. They all cheered the most during the teachers race! Finally, they were able to break the shackles of covid-19 and breathe in the fresh air of freedom and conduct physical activities in gay abandon, a part and parcel of student life.


Christmas Celebration

Christmas Party was organized for students of NLFP on 22nd December '21. It was the first festival to be celebrated offline since Covid. The introduction of this festival was done with an emphasis on not only receiving gifts from Santa Claus as commonly perceived, but also giving.

A short skit was presented by the students of 6th, 7th and 8th standard students with power packed performances and Christmas Carols. Games like Ring the Reindeer and aiming a ball through the ring shaped Snowman’s stomach were played by the seniors and Christmas Tree where the tree was made of paper cups filled with chocolates and buntings which the students had to tear open and win- was played by the juniors.

Christmas carols were sung by the students and teachers. There was fun and music all over. Lastly, the most awaited Santa Clause arrived with bells jingling and distributing gifts in the true Christmas spirit. Students and teachers exchanged greetings of the festive season and departed for the winter break in a joyful and elevated mood.


Farewell Party

NLFP hosted a Farewell party for the students of standard X (SSC & NIOS) on 11th February '22. The theme of this party was Farewell- Bollywood Retro Style. True to its theme, the dress code was black and white polka dots.

The teachers of NLFP had organised games like Pehchan Kaun, Passing the parcel, A Ramp Walk by the students and Antakshari. A short skit was enacted by the students of Std IX depicting student- teacher relationship pure Bollywood style.

The highlight of the whole event was the fashion show where the students were dressed in their best attire did a ramp walk. They were judged based on their dressing, confidence and style. The two best students were judged as Ms Nalanda and Mr Nalanda, Haley Mehta and Vedant Malik respectively. This year a fresh category of a show stopper was introduced, Zamzam Saiyed won this new title.

The winners of Pechan Kaun were- 1st position- Vedant Malik, 2nd position- Chhavi Jain and 3rd position- Isheika Dedhia.
The winners of Passing the parcel were- 1st position- Chhavi Surana, 2nd position- Akshay Jain and 3rd position- Daksh Jain.

A video clip of students' activities through the years was played, which created an atmosphere of nostalgia and excitement. No celebration is complete without a cake cutting ceremony. Ms. Aarti Gandhi, Director, NLFP along with the students and teachers did the honours. Many students expressed their gratitude towards NLFP, and according to some it was a life changing experience to be a part of NLFP. The program ended with dance, music and snacks.


Interschool Ace Chef

The Nalanda Learning and Facilitation Program proudly held its Ninth season of Ace Chef Inter-school competition (online) on Friday, 25th February '22, virtual events being the new normal.

This unique cooking competition was held online for students to showcase their culinary skills while working individually at their homes. The zest and enthusiasm shown by the participants was unbelievable. They displayed remarkable skills in innovating the recipes, sourcing the ingredients and presenting the final dishes.

The program was presided by Mr. Sameer Malkani, President FBAI (Food Bloggers Association of India). Fifty seven students from over sixteen schools across Mumbai participated in this competition.

The judges for the Juniors Category were Ms. Saloni Malkani, Ms. Smita Deo, Chef Sherry Mehta and Ms. Paayal Sharma. The judges for Seniors Category were Chef Varun Inamdar, Chef Anees Khan, Chef Gaurrav Gidwani and Chef Ananya Banerjee.

Participants in the junior category made salads and sandwiches, while the seniors made starters and desserts.

Winners in the Juniors category were, 1st –Swasti Kadam from Greenlawns School, Worli; 2nd – Harshini Shah from Gopi Birla Memorial School; 3rd – Tasneem Rangwala from The Alexandra Girls’ English Institution.
Winners of the Seniors category were, 1st – Namaha Kangutkar from Greenlawns School, Worli; 2nd – Rajvi Kaur Rehan from Bombay Scottish, Powai; 3rd – Jasvika Narula from The Alexandra Girls’ English Institution.

The winners were awarded with certificates, Trophies and gift hampers. The gift hampers were sponsored by Jindal Cocoa, Kalon’s and Hesthetic.


Interactive Webinar

An online interactive seminar was organized for all stakeholders on 11th March '22. Dr. Kersi Chavda and Dr. Avinash De Sousa were the speakers for the day.

Dr. Kersi talked on Post Covid: The mental health challenges of getting back to school. He focused on the changes in behaviour that teachers and counselors should look out for as those maybe indicative of emotional and mental challenges. He also focused on Grief counseling for students who have lost a loved one due to Covid. He suggested screening process to be done for all students. He provided with strategies and activities which can help students cope up with the challenges faced.

Dr. Avinash De Sousa talked on Digital Detox 2022. He focused on increased dependency on devices during lockdown. He talked about habit of binge watching shows and content online which has increased screen time drastically for individuals. He also talked about excessive consumption of pornographic content by teenagers in the past couple of years and the importance of making teenagers aware about safe usage of these content. He gave strategies on how to reduce screen time and to make a schedule for usage of devices only when necessary.

The seminar concluded after the Q & A session where the speakers cleared out doubts of the participants.


Educational Visit

As a part of educational visit, a visit to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya was organized for students from Std VI to Std IX on 15th March '22. Students took part in activity conducted by CSMVS team and made various objects out of moulding clay.


Educational Webinar

Nalanda Foundation in association with Energia SOI, hosted a webinar "Let’s talk about Recovery from Learning Loss", to discuss the impact of this and measures for correction on 6th May '22. This was exclusively held for an audience of 75 school principals who joined from across India. Learning Loss is a phenomenon that is now commonly observed among children, especially with the rapid interruptions, uprooted schedules, new classroom routines, and renewal in physical schooling during the pandemic.

The panel was moderated by Ms Aarti Gandhi. Ms. Gandhi emphasized that the learning gap has been aggravated further by the curtailed curriculum in schools during the pandemic, which needs to be covered up and yet done in a calibrated and sustainable manner. She shared her own experiences working with neurodiverse children and shared advice on how to support neurodiversity in the classroom.

The Panelists comprised of Dr Dhaval Mody, leading psychiatrist and clinical psychologist from Mumbai, Dr. Nandini Chatterjee Singh, cognitive neuroscientist and head of UNESCO MGIEP’s flagship projects in India, Ms Aarti Gandhi, Director of the Nalanda Foundation, and Ms Ambereen Pradhan Founder Director of Energia SOI, that addresses the specialized education needs of children with learning difficulties.

Dr Nandini Singh shared some of the key findings on learning loss in India and across socioeconomic strata. These were insightful and besides elucidating the concept of neuroplasticity & its relevance to cognitive development, she shared key strategies that head of educational institutions that needed to get implemented with urgency. She also offered assistance to any school that needed advice to any institution that required it.

Dr Dhaval Mody shared the experiences he has had with students and children he has counselled with and emphasized the role of parent and educator together in facilitating learning. He also shared differentiated teaching approaches to children falling on autism spectrum and related learning challenges.

Ms. Ambereen Pradhan, the Founder Director of Energia SOI, spoke about – we should focus on the steps to Learning Recovery and how with the right tools and systems that are available, a child can be taken to maximum learning potential, and being inclusive to neurodiverse children. She also addressed the need to leverage technology to develop personalized training programs for maximizing learning potential.

The panellists agreed on these key points:
1. Schools need to create more opportunities to build foundational skills in Grade 1-5
2. Program incorporating socioemotional learning & life skills components will enhance the wellbeing of children
3. Using technology to deliver content will help scale and replicate success more often.

There was active participation among the audience and the varied experience of the panellists delivered new insights to the senior teaching fraternity. Most questions revolved around methods to identify and overcome learning loss, and the role of technology in education. The role of schools and the way they have delivered education to students in spite of the environmental challenges was appreciated as well.